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  • Paul Fokken

401(k) Maneuver: A Surefire Way To Get Real 401(k) Professional Account Management!

Submitted by Paul Fokken

When was the last time you made changes to your 401(k)?

Last month, last quarter, last year, last 3 years, maybe never?

My wife has had a 401(k) in her current job since August 2012 and like most that have an employer retirement plan, we did not make a single change in our investment strategy! Since we have her account professionally managed with 401(k) Maneuver, changes are made every 90 days if they are needed! That has resulted in a annual increase of 6% (net of fees) from her previous selections and her fees inside her account were reduce as well!

I ask this and tell this story because in many cases your 401(k) might be one of your top financial assets. If that is the case then wouldn’t you want to have as much money in your retirement pocket as possible?

Yet the interesting thing is that once people are enrolled in their 401(k) they just leave it in place and rarely make changes. In a sense what they could be doing is creating their own “retirement crisis” and leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the tables. Don’t believe me. Look at a compounding calculator and do the math. See what a potential annual 3% increase could do to your account by the time you retire. Click link here:

The most successful 401(k)s are typically the ones where people are making changes every 90 days or so which simply means investing in the accounts that are performing well or where you should be during current market trends.

To find out more about 401(k) Maneuver go to:

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