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  • Paul Fokken

What if I Prefer Not To Meet With A Financial Advisor But Still Desire Professional 401(k) Help?

Wouldn’t be better to get professional help with your 401(k) if you could just sign up online or do it one time, know it was taken care of? You just sit back and know that somebody is looking out for your best interest to put more retirement money in your pocket! In fact some people are afraid of talking to financial advisors because of the jargon and are not sure when to ask or what to ask help for.

Rest Easy Because It’s Automatically Done for You!

Every 90 days, you will receive professional quarterly 401(k) account reviews and rebalancing that is personalized to your tolerance to risk based on current economic and market conditions. You’ll receive a private email each time we rebalance your account. You don’t have to do a thing because we handle everything for you! The benefit is that if you do not want to talk to anyone personally, you do not have to. This can eliminate unnecessary meetings with company representatives who typically can only provide suggestions, not specific advice. Of course you will have a dedicated advisor to assist with any questions.

And The Best Part Is You Can Leave Your 401(k) Account Right Where It Is,

and We’ll Do the Rest!

If you are looking for more helpful hints on managing your 401(k), 403(b), 457 or TSP, or other financial tips, subscribe to the 401(k) Maneuver Blog today! Just click on this link:

Also checkout my 401(k) Maneuver home page on the link below to find out more and also get access to a video that provides 3 Strategies that May SUPERCHARGE Your 401(k) Performance!

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